NeuroTrading was an independent fintech project leaded by Tommaso Grotto and advised by Prof. Emilio Tomasini and Nicola J. Vitto.

We were experienced in R&D of genetic algo trading strategies.

Tommaso Grotto is a 30 years old entrepreneur and Quant Developer specialized in algo trading technologies. He has been the author of ABCFD (sponsored by IG) and the co-author of Online Trading Yearbook (sponsored by Borsa Italiana). He was a speaker at Mechanica 2011, ITForum 2011, and Mechanica 2012. He has been a contributor of Borsa&Finanza, Leonardo Finanza, and Traders Mag Italia. He has been a trainer at algo trading courses held by Prof. Emilio Tomasini. Beside NeuroTrading he is the co-founder and CEO of Kopjra.

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